Many products work well on virgin hair, some better than others. When choosing your products, make sure they cater to the needs of the specific pattern that you’ve chosen.

For our curly patterns, products that are sulfate free, phosphate free, and paraben free are a great route to go. We suggest a clarifying cleanse at least once a month to rid the bundles of excess build up.

For our straight and wave patterns, minimum product usage is suggested. Using a light weight oil focused mainly towards the ends of the hair is acceptable. We encourage you to cleanse the bundles every two weeks. Your washing schedule can be altered based on product usage.

While styling hair avoid using maximum heat, always use heat protectant, and treat your hair with lots of Hunny Bun care!

To get best results we suggest you don’t use ANY harsh products.

Every package comes with special hair care instructions, along with tips and suggestions on how to keep your hair looking healthy and luxurious.