Our History

It all started with our beautiful salon, which does great business. The salon specializes in hair weaving and extensions. After a while we realized it would be foolish not to sell our own hair along with our services. Therefore, we reached out to a recommended hair vendor, and started selling virgin hair. We did well, but we did have complaints!

At first it wasn’t a big deal, people seemed to like it. However, as time passed it wasn’t good enough to just please some. We had to find quality hair that did not just make us feel content. We needed to really satisfy our clients and live up to the hair claims; no shedding, last for months, full bodied, and can be colored.

Our love for the clients and our passion for virgin hair took us on a journey. For us it was simple, we knew we had to go find our own hair source. We focused on hair and nothing else, no distractions! We wanted to do one thing, change how some of our clients viewed virgin hair. We want you to know without a doubt this company has gained a lot of knowledge through our investigative work about our #1 product, virgin hair.

We have values and a vision; so the big take away is…We can assure you will love our hair!

Unlike other suppliers, we work directly with our manufacturer. This enables us to select an excellent quality of hair for a reasonable price. This also ensures the integrity of our hair.

Hunny Bun Virgin Hair line is grade 7A virgin hair. You can trust there are NO FILLERS OR HARSH CHEMICALS used in our hair. It’s comprised of only hair with the cuticle in its NATURAL HEALTHY STATE… Now you can treat it as if it is your own hair.

So do not be fooled by poor quality hair that has been stripped with acid bath and coated with silicone to look shiny and new. Once the hair dries after it is shampoo’d it becomes tangled or matted; there the truth lies. When wearing virgin hair that is the WORST feeling…