The highly coveted Ankara Fest, a African Fashion and Music Festival in Los Angeles, took place Labor Day weekend, showcasing the hottest up and coming African Designers and Musicians.

A record-breaking show in its 8th year running, included 11 year old designer of Tosagie Couture and headlining designs by Asake Oge of Nigeria.

Also breaking the tradition, co-producer, Svenya Nimmons decided to bring in a touch of realness when it comes to the beauty of the models by inviting Hunny Bun Virgin Hair and hair blogger, Natural Hollywood of Brooklyn into the production.

“I felt the need to celebrate not only the fashions of Africa, but also the tresses and textures of women from across the globe.” – Svenya explained when asked about the alluring event that took place in September.

Natural styles including crowning braids, added Kinky Curl and Deep Curl by Hunny Bun and other protective styles, brought a new element to the showcase.

With about 30 models ranging from a clean shave, too long braids, the cast stepped on the runway with a unique look that was all their own. -Just as women across the globe do everyday, in their own special way. How’s that for bringing realness to the runway?

Featured hairstyles and designers will be running throughout the months of September through November where customers can take $20 off their bundles of Kinky Curl, Deep Curl and Brazilian Straight by using promo code RUNWAYRHYTHMS at checkout.

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You can also check out the hairstylists from the show on Instagram :

Hair Designer:
(Brooklyn area)

Hair Stylists:
NIKA J (Charlotte area)
JAYE (Los Angeles area)
SHARITA MARIE (Los Angeles area)
SHAMOYA (Los Angeles area)
ANGIE GABOUREL (Los Angeles area)
QUEANA DAVIS (Los Angeles area)
MAHRIE (Los Angeles area)
Sumahrie Collections​
NINA SIMONE (Los Angeles area)


BLOKES & DIVAS  www.bndestore.com/www.blokesndivas.com
FANTABELA www.fantabela.com
RAY DARTEN www.raydarten.com
RUVAAFRICWEAR    www.RuvaAfricWear.com
SHARPE COOKIE     http://sharpecookiegh.com
SUMAHRIE COLLECTIONS    http://facebook.com/sumahriecollections
TOSAGIE COUTURE     www.tosagiecouture.com
TINZ CLOTHING     www.tinzclothing.com
ASAKE OGE www.asakeogewoman.com

Makeup Designer:
CARLA BALLOU (CB Artistry​) http://bosscosmetics.co/

Makeup Artists:
ANGELIQUE RIESS http://www.modelmayhem.com/4174506
ERICA MEDINA https://www.ericammmedina.com/
JEWELS http://www.modelmayhem.com/beautyby_jewels_777
MEGAN RAE http://meganraemakeup.com/
REGINALD R http://www.modelmayhem.com/reginaldrapahael
SAMANTHA HALL http://www.samanthahallmua.com/

Other Credits:
Photography by @pbdimages and @mdarkoh

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