When making the search for virgin hair, lots of key factors are at play. More than anything else, premium hair extensions should not cost an arm and a leg. We have 5 ways for you to switch it up while still considering the budget..

1. Think Value Before Price

When making a decision as to what vendor to use, you always have to consider the value. Most vendors will charge more for shipping or handling, but buying directly from the store-front could save you more toward the bottom line. Try visiting a branch to try and feel textures before buying online. If online is the only option, make sure you are utilizing a free shipping period to save as much as possible on your locks.

2. Join A Loyalty Program

Coins don’t come a dime a dozen, but credible vendors will offer a loyalty program for shopping with them. Take advantage of this by signing up via email to save!

3. Buy In Bulk

Bundle packages are IT! Buying bundles that are coupled in certain lengths can make for a killer deal if shopped correctly. If you have questions, reach out to the vendor directly to discuss your options.

4. Look for Deals

Coupons and Sales Codes are what a frugal girl lives by. Follow your vendor on social media outlets so you are not missing out on any opportunities.

5. Refer a Friend

Ask if the supplier your using will give you a discount for referring a friend. You could be very surprised what they might offer.