What was the main reason why you wanted to start Hunny Bun Hair?
The main reason we wanted to start HBVH was to fulfill the high demand for quality hair that could be worn more than once or twice.

What makes you different?

What make us different is the quality of our hair, which is great, with the affordable price. Our hair has the cuticle intact, which makes the hair last much longer. We also have to grades of hair 5A & 7A. 5A hair is standard, what most hair vendors/boutique sale. 7A hair is where the bottom of the hair is a lot fuller. The quality of hair for both grades is the same for our hair.
How far have you traveled in search of hair?
Our search for hair landed us in China, where there is a large variety of hair.
What was that trip like?
It was a great experience! Walking in another culture shoes was very exciting. It was wonderful being treated so special. They were happy to introduce us to their culture. Food, shopping, and visiting the hair factories is what we did there.
What information would you think would be helpful for a new entrepreneur?
Decide and be clear on what direction you want to go in first! Once you are clear, find someone who is already doing it and get all the information you can. Be a good listener, even if you have your own ideas. Write your plans and goals down as well and take it one step at a time. And remember nothing happens overnight!
How many businesses do you currently work with? Are you open to partnering with more?
We currently have two businesses and getting ready to open a third. We will franchise in the near future.
What is the best part about this industry?
The best part of the industry is the trend of hair is always changing. Staying on top of it can be challenging but we embrace it.

What is the worst?
No matter how much you do (customer service) or how good you think your product is…. There is always someone who won’t like your product.
How long are your work days?
The work days were extremely long in the beginning. We would arrive to work before everyone and leave work after everyone. But now we’re established and its much better.
What are some of the next things Hunny Bun is going to take over?
Now we would like other people to experience our dream by opening a Hunny Bun Virgin Hair store in a cities across the U.S.